Scottish housing regulator business planning guidance

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Local Housing Strategy Guidance

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SRA Handbook

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Regulator publishes new version of Business Planning Recommended Practice for RSLs

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Social housing

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The Scottish Housing Regulator has welcomed a new Guide to Rent Setting and Affordability, published this week by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA). Speaking at the SFHA launch event on Wednesday, Ian Brenan, Director of Regulation (Finance and Risk), said: “How much rent. This document uses the Scottish Housing Regulator’s best practice framework for housing business planning 1 as well as the the Scottish Government’s guidance on the operation of HRAs 2 published in Measuring the Scottish Social Housing Charter Outcomes Introduction submitting an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR), things) to drive business planning, service development, VFM and to produce and implement improvement plans.

Housing and Planning Act 2016

On the point about building more homes in the context of what the Secretary of State has said about social housing, does he accept and will he now confirm that, sincethe Government’s record on building social homes has been deplorable, with, in fact, a 97% fall in social housing starts?

Older back issues freely available here. October Issue headlines. Complaint rationing rapped. Lambeth Council has been criticised by the Local Authority Ombudsman for capping the number of complaints that can be made.

Definitions of general housing terms

Description. Local authorities have the power to make by-laws to prohibit the drinking of alcohol in designated public places under provisions contained in the Local Government (Scotland) Act (under sectionsand ) subject to confirmation by Scottish Ministers.

Scottish housing regulator business planning guidance
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Housing and Planning Act